Collaboration with Jeff Ko performed in Keeping it real exhibition at the Nice Gallery


Yada/Yada/Yada is a performative video piece and publication. The work uses the everyday process of navigation through technology and information as a format for discussion of feminist issues. At the same time the structure conveys the cacophony of contemporary communication.


The work consists of two screens or projections next to one another on the wall. Each monitor shows a video recording of one of the performer’s computer screens. The videos, a feed of the performers and their interactions via Skype, use a variety of online content and resources to illustrate an array of issues and complexities in relation to Feminism today. Such as perceptions of contemporary feminism, women in Pop Culture, transgenderism and more. The work in its formal aspects deals with ideas of appropriation, popular culture, and the everyday reality of the internet, whilst also negotiating approaches to performance.


The online content ranges from women in Middle Eastern media, to Julia Gillard’s impassioned speech in the Australian parliament. The flow from topic to topic is naturalistic in the way that we consume information online. Half-reading articles, sharing links, listening to videos, then being distracted by a pop-up advert. Throughout the live event both performers print the pages viewed culminating in a publication documenting the event.